THE TENSOR FASCIA LATAE is an important but often overlooked muscle. Although it is located in the lateral front of the upper leg it is considered to be a part of the gluteal set. To my mind one if its most important and interesting functions is to put tension on the iliotibial band (ITB) which keeps your knee from collapsing. In addition, it assists in stabilizing the hip, flexing the hip and abducting the hip, which is why it is also important where balance in concerned.

If you danced, any kind of dance, you developed that muscle and all those balance muscles because you moved in all directions. When you stopped dancing and just moved forward, over time those muscles took a vacation.

If you once danced or participated in any activity requiring you to move in many directions then you will understand what is required to get those muscles back in order.

Getting those muscles back in order will mean:

  • Better balance;

  • Younger gait;

  • Ease in getting up and down;

  • Better performance in whatever sport you are engaged in;

  • Appreciation for moving well; and

  • More confidence as you go about your day.

The following exercises will help you find those muscles and get them back into order.

Bonnie Prudden Hydrant ExerciseBonnie Prudden Back Leg Swing ExerciseBonnie Prudden Bent and Spread Leg Lifts ExerciseBonnie Prudden Knee to Nose Stretch ExerciseBonnie Prudden Lateral Leg Lift Exercise

Bonnie Prudden Muscles of Outside Leg


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