Sandra Dirks – CBPM – President

I met Bonnie Prudden on my first day at the Bonnie Prudden School in Lenox, Massachusetts in 1983.  After she joyfully led us across the floor moving to music – my introduction to the Bonnie Prudden Exercise Program – she turned and pointed me out, “You, the girl in the purple pants, have perfect rhythm!”  Thus started my years of “follow the leader” with my mentor and friend, Bonnie Prudden.

Following graduation in 1985 I practiced Myotherapy at the Pain Erasure Clinic in Stockbridge, took the teacher training program, began teaching for the School, and eventually became Head Myotherapy Instructor in both Stockbridge, MA and Tucson, AZ until 1998.  For seven years the really fun part of my job was living at Bonnie’s home and taking care of her beloved dogs, Beggar, Delilah and Blue while she and Enid were on the road.  I look back on those years with great fondness, as they not only instilled in me the lessons of excellence and service taught by Bonnie, they also resulted in a lasting friendship with my Mentor.

I continue to teach and practice Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy and Exercise Therapy and currently work for Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Inc. updating and teaching our training programs.  I am grateful for the opportunity to inspire others to live a healthy and pain-free life through the work of the Bonnie Prudden Educational Institute as we continue teaching people how to help themselves and others through Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy and Physical Fitness.

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