Bonnie Prudden Water ExercisesTHE HARVARD MEDICAL School suggests that water is an ideal place to exercise. I would say that is true — but unless you add music it can be the same old boring stuff.

Advantages of Water

  • It is easier on your joints since the natural buoyancy lessens the impact.

  • The water acts as resistance to your movement and develops strength without adding weights. However if you want to increase your arm and shoulder strength spread your open hands on the INSIDE of two Frisbees® for open/close, up/down and figure 8 movements

  • Jogging in water is good for endurance, strength and does not injure the joints.

  • The natural buoyancy of the water also encourages greater flexibility.

  • Water walking for 30 minutes uses 50% more calories than on land.

  • Because water pressure increases cardio output more nutrient rich blood gets to your muscles.

  • You don’t have to be afraid of losing your balance. At most, if you misstep, you will just have a wet head.

The walking wounded, those who know they should exercise but have relied on inadequately educated trainers, attempted to get in shape over a weekend or were never in shape to begin with, would do well to use the water to begin their way back in a safe and common sense way.

Old and new injuries respond amazingly to water. It is much less painful to move injured joints through the water. When I badly injured my knee in a car accident and was on crutches the only time I felt free was in the water.

For those over fifty who may have balance problems as well as aches and pains attributed to “life,” joint replacements and the like, water offers a safe environment and the resistance of the water increases strength and range of movement gently and without fear of falling. Done with others in a class it provides social nutrition.

Water is a smooth and safe transition back to fitness.

BUT — and this applies in water as well as on land…
Muscles love variety so change your exercise every 8 beats, which is easy to do if you have music. You can always go back and repeat the exercise. Variety means you won’t be bored and you won’t be sore the next day. Variety gives the muscles time to recoup.

If you don’t know where to begin, use the exercises here and below to get started.


DON’T FORGET THE MUSIC. It lifts your spirit. It counts for you. It makes your movements more even — even if you have an injury. You will work longer and harder… and you won’t even notice.




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