The medical term for that is URINARY RETENTION. It is the inability to pass urine in your bladder, and it can be acute or chronic. In the acute stage there is the sudden inability to urinate. In the chronic stage it is a gradual or slow inability to empty the bladder. It is said we spend about 2,208 hours on the toilet in our lifetime.

The five causes of urinary retention according to the medicos are: age, medications, surgery nerve disease and spinal cord injuries and potential other causes such as blockage, infection, constipation.

The treatment options are: physical exam, urine analysis, Foley catheter to drain the bladder, a change of medication.

Pelvic FloorI had the UNpleasure of this condition once but it wasn’t connected to any of the 5 causes listed above. Mine was totally STRESS RELATED but I didn’t have my AHA moment and connect the dots until a bit later.

“Muscles… you have hundreds of them, and each has been given a special job to do… for you. Not only that, they were all programmed to go where they were supposed to go, and to know what they were supposed to accomplish long before you were the size of the pin-head the angels dance on!” —Bonnie Prudden

“Healthy muscles are designed and programmed to do two simple things: contract and relax. Unless your muscles get together and agree on the move you need to make, you can’t get out of bed, drink your coffee or brush your teeth.” —Bonnie Prudden

Contract, Relax
Contract relax, contract, relax. These are the properties on all muscles and they give you control. The pelvis is the center of your body universe. The muscles from the upper body tie into the pelvis, as do the powerful leg muscles. All too often spasm in any of these muscles, due to accidents, sports, occupations, prevent full function — usually in the “letting go” or relaxing phase of the movement. Injured muscles develop trigger points, irritable spots in muscles causing the muscle to shorten, become painful, dysfunctional, and unable to relax.

This is What Happened to Me
I was trying to refinance the house and was sent an inch thick tomb to fill out most of it money related. That is not my forte and I was very frantic and stressed out. Shortly after that I had URINARY RETENTION, didn’t know what it was, and spent a good part of my time in the bathroom with no results. I thought that if it went on for many more days I would need to consult a specialist. It was a burning sensation accompanied by pain and an urge to pee which was not happening.

Around day 5 of this UNpleasure I called my trusty tax person, told her what I was trying to do regarding the house and refinancing, and asked if she could help. Yes, she would need to make a few phone calls. I explained that while she was making calls I would need to use her bathroom. During one of my breaks from the bathroom she told me she just needed to make one more call. I again used the bathroom without success and returned to my waiting chair. She bounced through the door saying, “It’s all set”. It was then that I felt the muscles in the floor of my pelvis spontaneously and totally relax and I realized, once again, the power of stress.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Fix
If you want to fix the problem, find the trigger points as shown in Bonnie’s book, Myotherapy: Bonnie Prudden’s Complete Guide to Pain Free Living. To do a thorough job you will need to treat trigger points in the seat, low back, pelvic rim, groin and hips… as well as the pelvic floor. In other words, treat adjacent and opposing muscle groups since they all pull on one another. If the person is a running enthusiast or attends weekly aerobic dance classes, you will also need to treat the legs, especially the adductors or inner thigh, as they tie in to the pelvic floor.

Over the years I have fixed my own pelvic floor issues using Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy. After waiting a few days to see if the problems might miraculously go away on their own, which they didn’t, I erased painful urination, hemorrhoids, incontinence… the first two in minutes and the last after a bit of work.

So before you resort or give in to traditional fixes that may be ineffective, expensive or hurtful, try Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy. It can’t hurt, won’t rob your pockets or waste your time and may, quite happily, bring relief to your pelvic floor, and put a smile on your face.


If you have questions just fill out the contact form at and I’ll be happy to help. We also have a three page article, Myotherapy Treatment for Spasm in the Pelvic Girdle, which I can email upon request. It can be used in conjunction with the Myotherapy book.


If you have questions or need help, email me at For more information about Bonnie Prudden®, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®, workshops, books, self-help tools, DVDs, educational videos, and blogs, visit Or call 520-299-8064 if you have questions or need help. Enid Whittaker, Managing Director, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®

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