Child Containment vs Child Preparedness

  Barefoot is better! THE CHILD'S BRAIN develops most quickly in the first three years of life. The child’s body develops most quickly in the first three years of life. You cannot separate the brain/mind from the body It has always been this way. The Greeks knew...

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Office Trending: Sit or Stand

  TRENDING NOW ARE ergonomically designed desks that go up and down and chairs and seats that are contoured and that roll. And some folks actually combine biking and treadmill while at their desk. The realization is: we are sitting too much and we are supposed to...

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Lift and Jump, Push and Pull: A Way to Look and Feel Better

  “II DON'T WANT my daughter to exercise. She’ll get muscles.” Undaunted, Bonnie replied to the voice on the other end of the phone, “Under every curve is a muscle, no muscle, no curve, no curve, no husband.” It was 1947 and after visiting her older daughter’s...

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Shout It Out! A Case for Improved Vital Capacity

  IN AND OUT, in and out, in and out. All day long and all night too. When you have nothing better to do and with your eyes closed, pay attention to your breathing. Don’t do anything to it, just listen and feel the air going in and out slowly and rhythmically. Do that...

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Fit to Vacation

Don’t waste all that precious vacation time. Before you pack your bags, get ready to pack your bags. “Vacation: vacatio, onis, vacare,” to be empty, to have time, to be free.   BABIES ARE ON vacation all the time. They are happily empty of worries, have all the...

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What Is A Handicap?

“Everybody is handicapped one way or another. We all have areas in which we are not as strong or secure as others. Some handicaps show and some do not. There are people who are not as smart as others, but perhaps they make up for it by being able to enjoy every hour...

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Be Kind to Your Muscles… Keep Them Flexible

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” —Bruce Lee   STRENGTH PLUS flexibility in the proper timing and intensity yield coordination. Muscles are designed and programmed to do two simple...

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Pigeon Toes: A Solution

  ONCE UPON A TIME… a father asked Bonnie, “Can you help with turned in feet?” Bonnie had just fixed his shoulder during a Myotherapy demonstration at a local lecture sponsored by the business community in western Massachusetts. After two months of static...

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Starting Anew: Girls Front and Center

  Sixty Years Ago Almost “COME UP WITH something concrete… And don’t scatter your shots…. Make this physical fitness… Do something about girls.” —Vice President Nixon Bonnie describes this “as a moment of hope.” Vice President Nixon was outlining the tasks for...

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Whatever Happened to Real Physical Education?

In 1929 my mother sent me to Marymount, a convent prep Academy. The first year I was there the gym, big, bright and polished, held every piece of gymnastics equipment ever invented. And there was field hockey, a pool and track and field. At the start of my sophomore...

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What an incredible workshop!

What an incredible workshop! Helpful to me personally and professionally. The information presented was made easy to digest and apply immediately. I really enjoyed practicing the corrective movements/stretches and seeing how much more effective myotherapy is when these exercises are applied. And how easy to integrate into a massage therapy session…I love it, and my clients love it too! Thank you!!!

Theresa Fine
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