Good Night Restless Legs

  IF YOU’VE EVER experienced RESTLESS LEGS you know the definition of restless: uneasy, unquiet, jumpy, unsettled, and the very opposite of calm, quiet, and restful. RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME (RLS) According to the medical community there are 3 kinds of restless...

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Action Promotes Healing

  DON’T JUST SIT there! Action promotes healing. This is especially true in the case of injury or surgery to the lower leg/ankle/foot and the forearm/wrist/hand. These areas are furthest from the heart and so action in the area of the hip where the lower leg and...

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Scars of Life

  THERE ARE ALL kinds of scars, inside, outside, big, little, emotional, physical, some obvious, others hidden. Here we will be addressing the physical scarring from accidents and operations. SCAR TISSUE Scar tissue, whether it is very obvious in a line running...

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If Your Knees Give Way

IF YOUR KNEES give way as you walk or if you have pain on the outside of your knee, look to the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and its friend the iliotibial tract (ITT). The tensor fascia is considered part of the gluteal set. It is a small but powerful muscle and its...

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VLOG: Fit and Pain-Free the Bonnie Prudden Way

  WE ARE HAPPY to announce our new monthly VLOG: Fit and Pain Free the Bonnie Prudden Way. It will center around fitness pioneer Bonnie Prudden, her method of exercise, and Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®, a way to erase muscle pain. Sandy Dirks and I, Enid Whittaker,...

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Weight Training

BEFORE CHARLES ATLAS, before Bernarr Macfadden and before anyone else, there were the Greeks. So when you enter the emporiums with the chrome and glitter of today, know that it started with the barbells and kettle bells of yore. There is nothing new under the sun....

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S-T-R-E-T-C-H: Why, When, How

  WHY Proper and consistent stretching equal more flexible muscles. Strength plus flexibility in the proper timing and intensity yield coordination. Flexible muscles perform better since they are able to give up their tension. No matter how strong you are, you...

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Don’t Give Your Shoulder the Cold Shoulder

DON’T GIVE YOUR shoulder the cold shoulder or you may end up with a frozen shoulder. Everyone knows that it is better to deal with a problem in its early stages in order to prevent it from getting worse – and that goes for roofs, cars, and muscles too. Medically...

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Always Warm-Up First!

  WHAT IS A WARM-UP and what is its purpose? Like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. Is coffee good or not? Wine? The application of heat and/or cold? To sit up, crunch, or plank? How to stretch, when to stretch, if to stretch? Wait a minute and...

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Stress and Distress: What if Texas was Ukraine?

  What if Texas, which is roughly the size of Ukraine, was Ukraine? And what if Mexico was Russia? Would YOU, as a sixty-five year old couple, with two back packs, a few plastic bags and your dearly beloved cat, have the strength and stamina to walk the miles to...

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BP Myotherapy was the only one that has eliminated my pain and spasms

In 1996 I was hit by a car, and BP Myotherapy was the only one that has eliminated my pain and spasms. After reading Bonnie Prudden’s book I have started doing quick fixes on and off since 1996 on friends and family, with fairly good success. And on the advice of various friends and family I went and got my Quick and Advanced fix certificates in Tucson, Arizona. My time learning from these superbly qualified teachers Enid Whittaker, Lori Drummond and Sandra Dirks was wonderful! Theoretical, practical and fun! Many thanks! 😉

Vaclav Vasil
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