Lovemaking Muscles

“Muscles… you have hundreds of them, and each has been given a special job to do… for you. Not only that, they were all programmed to go where they were supposed to go, and to know what they were supposed to accomplish long before you were the size of the pin-head the...

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“Class Stand!” “One…”

  IN THE OLDEN days, it used to be that the classroom exercise vignette was a part of every day. Mornings, which were longer, had two or three of these exercise vignettes. Afternoons, which were usually shorter, had one. The leaders were the kids chosen by the...

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The Fitness of Health Care

  “FIT, WHAT DO WE need to be fit for?” These were the words of W. W. Bauer, MD, as he patted his considerable paunch on national television. The answer, I guess, depends on who you ask. In 1969 Bonnie gave six reasons for being physically fit in an interview for...

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Everyone Into the Pool!

  THIS SHOULD BE the normal call all year round, not just in warm weather. Since time immemorial, or almost, water has been the preferred balm for hygiene, good health and respite from stress. Perhaps our fascination and love of water is because we ALL spent nine...

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Destination, Pain Free: Trains and Boats and Planes and Cars

  WHETHER YOU ARE getting away, going to, or being taken away or being brought back as the Diane Warwick lyrics woefully tell… you want to arrive at your destination pain free — and full of that “it” which allows you to enjoy your getaway or make the deal that makes...

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Stairs: Make a Flight Plan!

  STAIRS: DON'T GROAN at them, use them. Whether you are a beginner, avid hiker, mountaineer, athlete or a “starter over,” stairs are often the answer to “getting there.” “Getting there” being your goal. Used with imagination and common sense, stairs are a workout...

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Never Just A Chair

  MOST PEOPLE SEE see a chair and think how nice it would be to sit down. Chairs, however, are apparatus. Not only that, once you have them they are free to use, there are many variations and they are everywhere. How you choose to use your chairs depends on your...

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Child Containment vs Child Preparedness

  Barefoot is better! THE CHILD'S BRAIN develops most quickly in the first three years of life. The child’s body develops most quickly in the first three years of life. You cannot separate the brain/mind from the body It has always been this way. The Greeks knew...

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Office Trending: Sit or Stand

  TRENDING NOW ARE ergonomically designed desks that go up and down and chairs and seats that are contoured and that roll. And some folks actually combine biking and treadmill while at their desk. The realization is: we are sitting too much and we are supposed to...

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BP Myotherapy was the only one that has eliminated my pain and spasms

In 1996 I was hit by a car, and BP Myotherapy was the only one that has eliminated my pain and spasms. After reading Bonnie Prudden’s book I have started doing quick fixes on and off since 1996 on friends and family, with fairly good success. And on the advice of various friends and family I went and got my Quick and Advanced fix certificates in Tucson, Arizona. My time learning from these superbly qualified teachers Enid Whittaker, Lori Drummond and Sandra Dirks was wonderful! Theoretical, practical and fun! Many thanks! 😉

Vaclav Vasil
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